• Enjoy the journey

    We'll show you the way!

  • Reality at a glance

    The Facts speak for themselves.

    Another day is about to pass

    Your Decisions today MATTER tommorow.

    -Heart Disease-

    Is Related to Diabetes and Obesity.


    usually comes after diabetes


    - kills more people each year in American than AIDS and breast cancer combined-


    and Diabetes are often called "pre-cancer" or "pre-heart disease"

  • Where does your journey start?

    Just say no to the Barbell... Join a bootcamp and lets start your journey today.

    Independence to choose

    at Barbell Republic, you have the freedom to pick your pace.. with the guidance of a coach you can decide what program is best for you, when to charge forward, and when to chill out. From one of our bootcamps, or our Couch to CrossFit, to our Competitive athlete programs and everything inbetween- you will work hand and hand with a coach to determine where you need to be based on your personal goals

  • Boot-Camp

    "click here to learn more"


    forget the barbells and intimidation!


    Everybody is different.

    We should all be FIT

    Not everybody is the same, and not everybody has the same starting point OR finish line. We are sensitive to this at The Republic. We are looking to take you from where you are to where you want to go. Our methods work, and they are for EVERYBODY. Start where you want, go at your pace, let us coach you through it!

    Got questions?

    Click the link and say hi!

    Not sure what your first class would be like? Not sure what your first month would be like? Wondering about the "lingo" you've heard? There is no question too big or too small to send our way! We believe that the more people know, the more powerful they become in their decision making process!

  • Athlete of the month

    Michael Becht: Michael has always shown us what it really means to strive for more. He inspires the competitive athlete and the rookie alike. He's always willing to lend a hand, and time to make his Home box the best it can be. We appreciate Michael, and you should say hi if you see him around!

    Always Improving

    A core belief

    We are always on the cutting edge of Facts vs Fiction, and improving our knowledge base as a coaching staff in order to better benifit our community.

    A Small-Town Feel

    A place to grow

    We Believe that no matter the # of clients, that culture and community are paramount for growth as athletes and human beings in general.

    The Journey is yours

    We get to help

    Your journey is Yours and yours alone.. We get to be a part of that. We will coach you- The rest is up to you! We are excited to see you WIN!

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